So layout 


1. top row where we have text saying hello and a picture beside – can be left or right (see attached) 

2. the next row I would have like to have a header – that was static and not the article name – i.e. Expert of the month or Guest Blogger  and a way to add the authors name each month 

3. Ideally I’d have liked another row (as above) 


but I am gong no further till you tell me yes or no – but if  the answer is yes, would like a slider thumbnail here 


 if you set up the top row – I will add all the other pictures and text and articles once I have access 





4.  below the top three rows  – i have not added an example on the attached  as no room – 3 pictures in a  row with text underneath (the text which is the beginning of random articles) – think this is standard to site 


The side bar options 


 – http://themes.goodlayers.com/modernize/medium-thumbnail-right-sidebar/


1. the search bar  permanent rather than have to click on – to make appear – if possibel 

2. email capture 

3. maybe My graphic – newletter, book tickets et.c 

4. Recent posts

5. twitter feed