Weight Loss Challenge

It’s week one of my GSG Weight Loss Challenge.

Today I weighed myself and I am exactly 13 stone. How I got that weight is probably more interesting than what is on the scales. Let me tell you about my  journey.

In 2002 I was only 11 stone so what could have happened.  I have arrived in 2012 with a bang and no one is more shocked than me at how much I’ve changed. So this is my Get Slim Guaranteed Weight Loss Challenge to lose 2 stone and I started on 29 10 12.

My Journey Begins here!

The weight didn’t appear over night it just crept up and the worse part is that I use to be incredibly fit. I had abs you could bounce a penny off. So what went wrong?

This is my journey and I hope we will find out how I fell off the path and how I hope to find my way back again. If you could offer any support that would be great.

So come along for 20 weeks and see how I do!

Weight 29 10 12 – 13 Stone