Quick diets don’t support a healthy Lifestyle by Ingrid

Quick diets don’t support a healthy Lifestyle

We have all heard about quick diets and probably tried a couple of them even though doctors tell us they don’t support a healthy lifestyle. In fact, my biggest concern is that the weight keeps coming back and sometimes even more than it was before starting the diet.

What triggers my quick diets?

I know they are not healthy and that I am not going to achieve a long lasting result. So why do it? I think it has a lot to do with how busy I am and how little time I have for myself. When I do have some time to myself, when I’m not working and my child is in bed, I end up browsing the internet or watching TV. I am not exercising regularly and it’s common for me to reach for a bag of crisps for a snack. That is until I get worried about my favourite jeans feeling too tight. That’s when I feel I have to do something, so I try a quick diet.

Is there a healthier way to slim down?

A famous doctor said that our health depends on 70% thinking, 10% on breathing, 10% on eating and 10% on exercising. So is a healthy lifestyle more about positive thinking? Do I need to change the way I think from ‘I am not going to achieve  it’ to ‘When I achieve it!’.

I do try to understand my feelings. I try to stay positive by doing things I care about like spending time with family, friends, books, music, and nature.

The big problem with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is I love good food and I spend a lot of time at restaurants. So what’s the answer? I know it’s about finding the right balance, and I keep striving to achieve this, but it’s difficult. I wonder if anyone out there feels the same way?

By Ingrid Timmerman