How do you find the motivation to lose weight?

Have you stopped to think about what’s preventing you from getting started?  You probably already know that can be as difficult as losing the weight itself.

It’s a big challenge overcoming obstacles such as joining a club or group, what to wear or even can I really change my life.

Well you’re not alone.

Lots of people feel the same way and block their own path to success by not even trying to take the first step.

That’s what we’ll be talking about at our next Meeup group so why not come along on 14th May and spend a relaxing evening  discovering how you can find the motivation to lose weight.

This is a networking opportunity to meet like minded people and ask our experts questions. To find out more or to book at ticket visit us here.

Date: Tuesday May 14 2013

Time: 6: 45 pm to 8:45 pm


The Alice House QP
53-55 Salusbury Road, Queens Park, London, NW6 6NJ