Meet the Founder

Graham W Price – Psychologist

Chartered Psychologist, founder of Get Slim Guaranteed, CEO of Abicord Ltd and Body Mind Training.

Why are we so successful at achieving and sustaining our weight goals?

As well as nutrition, we focus heavily on the psychology of weight loss. We identify unproductive behaviour patterns and teach you how to gain control over them. We train you how to generate a positive mind-set that will enable you to apply the nutrition and fitness advice provided by our other trainers. We run seminars so you can come and chat to our experts and learn some of the powerful techniques we teach. Watch Graham’s video below and learn more. 

We use experienced expert nutritionists, not newly trained group leaders. Our nutritionists are able to identify nutritional barriers for each participant and plan individual programmes as well as providing general expert advice.

We incorporate fitness training in our programme. Our experienced fitness trainers gear the programme to each individual’s abilities and fitness levels, taking account of any physical constraints.

  • Having achieved your target weight, we focus on ensuring you sustain it.
  • Our success enables us to offer a one year money-back guarantee for achieving your goal and sustaining it for the year.
  • All these features are unique to the Get Slim Guaranteed weight loss programme.


So put in the simplest terms we’re successful because we know how to give you a service that is enviable, effective and guaranteed.

“I believe everyone has the potential to be successful in whatever they do and lead an extraordinary life. Our personal development and weight loss trainings, therapy and coaching are designed to ensure you achieve that potential”

Graham W Price

"The best money I've spent by a zillion miles. I've saved more than that by consuming less. The 'hidden' benefit is that the skills translate to all other aspects of my life. I'm very excited! "
Anthony Clegg
"I reached my goal in three months and I'm delighted. I found the combination of psychology, nutritional advice and exercise excellent. I'd highly recommend the course to anyone struggling with losing and gaining weight.
Fran Ryba

Specialist Services and Skills
Therapist, Weight Loss, Relationship Counsellor, Stress Management Consultant, Personal Development Trainer, Personal and Executive Coach, Smoking Cessations
Other Skills and Qualifications
BPS, BACP, HPC, BABCP Accredited, MBA, MSc, Professional Speaker, Consultant Psychologist, Author

Techniques Practised
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT), Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)