Love food, Eat food, Lose weight by Zoe Palmer-Wright

Diets don’t work and that is a fact.

Expert nutritionist Zoe’s Palmer-Wright’s approach to weight loss is not a ‘diet’ but a way of eating for life. A change in approach to food which is life-long. Her focus is on real food – food that is nourishing, pleasurable and satisfying. It is a way of eating that enables you to fall back in love with food and recognise that food is your friend, not the enemy.

Zoe’s approach is about much more than weight loss as by eating well you can optimise your health, enhance your mood, boost your energy levels, improve your skin and help prevent disease in addition to losing weight.

Most diets restrict calories and nutrients such as fat and deprive the body of nutrients essential for our health. Long term they actually damage your body’s metabolic rate so that weight is quickly regained after the diet and is even harder to shift the next time you attempt to lose weight.

Zoe’s recognises the idea that weight loss is simply a matter of eating less and moving more is a myth and far too simplistic.

In order to lose weight you need to eat the right foods that contain nutrients that optimise your metabolism. To get your body working and burning fat efficiently.

At a Get Slim Guaranteed seminar Zoe will bust some of the biggest diet myths and explain some of the common underlying barriers to weight loss and reveal what really makes us fat.