Just 7 days to Christmas, so try this nice, quick and easy to make Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

Tasty and healthy too!


1 very large sweet potato, parboiled
Rock salt to taste
1-2 oz. olive oil to cook (do not over oil)


Frying pan
Fish slice or tongs



  1. Don’t over excessively boil the potato or it will turn to mush. Test with fork to see if slightly softened then slice into chip length strips.
  2. Heat pan and place chips, leaving to cook. Turn each chip as they go slightly brown.
  3. When all cooked serve with rock salt for flavouring.


 Top Tips

  • Keep turning the chips to get an evenly colour.
  • Rock salt is one of the tastier and healthy condiments to flavour with these chips.



Feeds 2