Healthy Breakfasts


potato Frittata

3 Days to go till Christmas so why not sample some Sweet Potato and Bell Pepper Frittata

Sweet Potato and Bell Pepper Frittata Ingredients 1 onion 3 peppers – red or green 1 medium sized sweet potato 3 eggs 1 tbsp water Mixed herbs Approx. 3 tbs of olive oil Equipment Chopping board Chopping knife Food Bag Tablespoon Frying Pan Whisk Bowl Method Prepare the vegetabl
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11 Days to Christmas and Counting Down with Fran’s Granola Breakfast

Here is another idea to help you start the day off right in the morning. Fran’s Totally Healthy Christmas Granola breakfast    Ingredients  500g organic porridge oats 3 tbsp Manuka honey* 3 tbsp cold pressed/raw coconut oil* Approx 300g* of a combination of chopped raw mixed nuts, see
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