Exercise your Right to be Slim

Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from it,  to lose weight you need to factor in some exercise. Research shows introducing some physical activity into your lifestyle is a major contributor to successful weight loss* It could be the difference between yo’yo dieting or maintaining your weight loss goals. There’s no magic formula that lets you lose weight without doing anything, especially if you consume more food than you use each day. At a Get Slim Guaranteed programme you can get the help you need to be amazing. 

Your personalised activity plan  

Exercise that works with and not against your lifestyle                                                                    

At a Get Slim Guaranteed weight loss programme you’ll benefit from trained fitness experts who will work with you to create an individual weekly plan:

• Efficient – Fits easily in with your daily routine

• Personal – Gives you weekly hands on advice and training

• Effective – Monitored weekly to ensure results

So your plan will develop with you at a pace that’s right for you until you reach your goal.

Our instructors will work with you to design a tailored plan that fits sensibly into your life. Together we’ll create a set of achievable and realistic goals ensuring you stay motivated all the way through the programme.

Check back here soon for our new “Right to be Slim Guide”that will include help with exercise. We don’t use complicated equipment – but we’ll recommend activity plans that includes the type of exercise you like to do and some personal training thrown in as well. We’ll teach you simple tips and techniques that can make a difference quickly and won’t even feel like exercise. Try these simple changes to get you started in the New Year.

  • Walking to the shops instead of taking the car
  • Climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift