Are you worried you have put weight on over Christmas? by Alex Lordache

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Almost everyone has the same fear when it comes to the festive season. All the family gatherings and Christmas and New Year parties lead to more drink and usually more weight. his means in January we all complain about how much weight we’ve put on and we go searching for answers like joining a gym.

I don’t believe it has to be this black or white. I don’t accept that we have to put on weight just because it’s Christmas. All we need to do is think about what we’re doing.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have your grandma’s Christmas pudding or your mum’s lovely turkey dinner. Everybody deserves to indulge in some holiday treats. Part of the fun of the holiday season is you get to indulge yourself.

So how can you still enjoy yourself and the foods you love to eat without being constantly worried about putting on Christmas weight?

A good approach is to apply a little bit of thought and planning in the run up to Christmas and New Year. This will help you maintain your determination when faced with temptation whilst still allowing you to have a little bit of everything you like.

You do however need to remember to stay clear of sugary and bad fatty foods if you want to avoid putting on too much weight.

Try to remember you’re an individual and you need to think about what your body needs. We all know someone who, no matter how much they eat, ever seems to put on weight. If you’re not that lucky, like myself, here are my favourite top tips to get you through the holiday season.

  • Allow yourself a bit of everything, even alcohol but don’t go over the top.
  • Keep active: although it is a busy time of year try to fit in some exercise even if it’s a walk to the local supermarket. It’s better than nothing, and will help you digest and burn off all the extra food you might have eaten.
  • Eat healthily most of the time so that when you’re at a party or visiting friends or family you can indulge in some treats and not feel guilty.
  • Try not to go anywhere hungry – if you know you’re going somewhere where there’s bound to be lots of unhealthy food, try to have something healthy before you leave so you won’t feel like stuffing yourself later.

And remember, you have the power to choose how you live your life, so enjoy the festive season and the cheer that it brings. Try to keep doing little things such as my top tips that will help to make a big difference when you’re worried about putting on any extra weight at Christmas.

Happy New Year

By Alexandra Lordache